How to Improve Your Website Speed

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If you’re of the opinion that speed doesn’t really matter on your website, here are some statistics that will quickly turn your mind.

According to the Aberdeen Group, a 1 second delay in the loading time of your website leads to:

  • An 11% reduction in page views
  • A 16% decrease in the satisfaction a customer receives from your site
  • A 7% loss of conversions

Visit Google Page Speed Insights

your starting point should be to review your site and locate if there are any issues that are affect on the speed of your website. Don’t worry if you have no skills or experience in this area, visit Google Page Speed Insights, enter your website address and you will receive an evaluation of your website. Google wants websites to load quickly so this will be relevant and tailored information for your needs.

You will be provided with tips you can use to improve your loading time and you’ll be provided with information on what effect these changes will have. Given that this information will be tailored to your present website, this is the best initial move to take when looking to mend the speed of your site.

However, here are some basic tips to improve the speed of your website:

Review and tweak images
if you have large images and graphics, the speed of your website is likely to be affect upon. If there’s no need to use large images then don’t use it. And save the design elements as a PNG file as opposed to a JPG file. You should also look to use web-optimized images.

Review plug-ins
Plug-ins can be helpful in improving your website’s looks and utility, but these can impact on the speed of your website.

If you have plug-ins loaded or enabled that are not major to your website, remove them. If you use a lot of plug-ins, it may be worthwhile (if you can justify the cost) of hiring a developer to review your plug-ins and see if they can provide you with a better designed website that meets your needs.

Do you need a fancy home page?
Your home page must welcome your visitors and allow them to navigate around the rest of your website. It is good to make a positive first impression but equally, if you have Flash content and a lot of widgets, share buttons and content, you may overwhelm the user, and you are also likely to slow your website down.

It makes sense to keep your site as simple as you possibly can, and this is true for your home page.

Other tips you can follow include:

  • Minimize unimportant HTML, CSS and JavaScript code
  • Compress your website as much as you can
  • Review how you utilize YouTube content on your website
Osama Muwaswas

Osama Muwaswas online marketer and Co-Founder of Qiotic for web design solutions and Digital Marketing . With nearly 9 years of work and business experience, he excels in Digital Marketing, Website and Application consultation.

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